Official Statement in Response to Charlottesville, VA

Kappa Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc. condemns the acts of violence that occurred in Charlottesville, VA. As women who stand on the pillars of Sisterhood, Service, and Cultural Diversity, we denounce all forms of violence, racism, and bigotry, and will continue to promote an inclusive and supportive sisterhood. We mourn the death of Heather Heyer, a young woman who stood with her fellow Americans. We also hold those that were injured and personally impacted in our thoughts and hearts while they recover. As we continually strive to promote Cultural Diversity to our members and our community, we stand by our Sisters who advocate and take action against racism and social injustice in this country. We will continue to stand by our Sisters who have been impacted by these recent events. To quote Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, “We work here today to bring people together to unify folks. I remind you all that we are a nation of immigrants… Our diversity, that mosaic tile of immigrants, is what makes us so special. And we will not let anybody come here and destroy it.”   --- Kappa Phi Lambda Contact Diem Le National Board President 2016-2018
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Scarlet Gala 2017

The Kappa Phi Lambda National Alumnae Association is hosting the bi-annual event, Scarlet Gala at The Heist in Washington, D.C., on Saturday, June 24th, 2017. We invite all of our Sisters across the nation to gather together for a fun evening. The theme this year is:

Double Down on Empowerment

It represents us focusing on our growth and development as an organization of strong women who are passionate about women empowerment, especially on Asian American issues. For more information and tickets, please visit here.
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A Kappa’s Life For Me

Ahoy there! Yo ho ho ho! A Kappa's Life For Me!

This year's National August Conference will be hosted in Tampa, Florida on August 5th - 6th, 2017!

We're extremely excited to host conference not only in Florida but also in the city of our newest school, University of South Florida, that we chartered back in 2015. This year, National Board elections will once again be held so if any alumnae are interested in volunteering their time to help guide your fellow younger sisters, maintaining, and improving the sorority, please keep an eye out for information in June! Sisters who are interested in attending, please contact your school or National Board if you are interested in attending! They will steer you in the right direction for registration. As a note, the deadline to register is July 8th, 2017.  
So...why pirates? In keeping with August conference being themed as well as it being the first conference of the academic year, we thought it'd be fun to have a pirate theme, something that we don't get to do very often. With the theme "A Kappa's Life For Me," we hope it will be a rejuvenation of why we joined this sisterhood in the first place. PLUS, pirates have actually been a key component of Tampa's history. There are many legends surrounding multiple pirates in this bay area, with the most famous being José Gaspar, a mythical Spanish pirate who supposedly operated in Southwest Florida in the early 1800s. In fact! A
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Spirit of the Phoenix 2017

Our theme for 2017 Spirit of the Phoenix is:

Unity in Diversity

Kappa Phi Lambda's Spirit of the Phoenix is an annual national campaign with the goal of emphasizing our pillars on a national level. It takes places every year in March, the month of our national founding date and International Women's Day. We encourage all of our chapters and colonies to create effective programming for their cultural, service, and philanthropic events during this month centered around our national theme. Although our tagline changes every year, the underlying message within our national campaign is always women empowerment. We hope that Spirit of the Phoenix allows our chapters and colonies to create awareness and interest amongst our sisters and their communities about current events and issues relating to Asians/Asian Americans and women alike.
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Diem Le *Regenesis*

I've always had a hard time finding my place in social circles. I wanted people to see me as a tomboy, but I wanted to be able to hang out with girls and I wanted to be considered in the cool crowd. It took me a very long time to understand that #WhereIBelong was just with people that accepted me for the quirky and geeky person that I am. I didn't need to mold myself into people's lives. I've found that in my current group of friends and the people that I have come across during my time as a sister of #KappaPhiLambda and I could not be happier.
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Although it is difficult to describe, the bond of sisterhood is a common light that burns passionately in each sister. We embrace a unique relationship based on friendship, respect, and a shared vision. Wherever we go, and no matter how long ago we were initiated, each sister is connected and important to the sorority.
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Contributing to the community and supporting important causes are core values of Kappa Phi Lambda. We place a heavy emphasis on service and are committed to giving back to our communities. We also uphold strong ideals of philanthropy adopting CARE, a leading humanitarian organization fighting global poverty as our national philanthropy.
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Cultural Diversity

Although we are an Asian/Asian American interest sorority, by no means are we non-Asian exclusive. We believe that by educating our community and our members about the beauty and complexity of Pan-Asian cultural heritage, we uphold the importance of understanding all cultures and enriching multiculturalism.
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