Welcome to our NEWEST colony, the University of Nevada, Reno!

We are so proud to welcome our newest colony, the University of Nevada, Reno into Kappa Phi Lambda. May 2, 2015 marks the day 14 charismatic & ambitious ladies crossed into our beautiful sisterhood and chartered as the first ΚΦΛ school in the state of Nevada!

University of Nevada, Reno Charter Class
#2: Farrah Saad *WHOA!*
#3: Anne Dela Cruz *Remembrance*
#4: Rose Gaban *LoveKnot*
#5: Fionna Tay *Decryption*
#6: Annie Wongkovit *Interstellar*
#7: Jenny Kot *Rêveur*
#8: Tricia Cachila *Kirby*
#9: Jillian Ebrahimi *Fireball*
#10: Kylie Tokunaga *Cajole*
#11: Maliat Chowdhury *Gladiator*
#12: Olivia Ho *EnSorcelé*
#13: Vivian On *Almandine*
#14: Gabriella Murata *Korra*
#15: Roselle Caballes *Misfit*

We also want to extend a huge congratulations to the Program Educators Emily Shan *Riptide* and Moral Masuoka *Silvermist*, all the Big Sisters, and National Board for hosting!

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Congrats to our newest chapter – ALPHA GAMMA CHAPTER!

We would like to welcome our newest chapter, Alpha Gamma Chapter at The University of Texas of Kappa Phi Lambda Sorority! We are so proud of all their achievements and we would like to congratulate them on obtaining chapter status! Their efforts will certainly shine bright like a diamond – Sisterhood, Service, & Cultural Diversity!


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20th Year National Convention

UConn Kappa Phi Lambda would like to cordially invite all sisters to our 20th Year National Convention, The Roaring 20 from March 13th-15th. Get ready for a weekend filled with glitz and glamour as we celebrate Kappa turning 20 in style! Nina Davuluri, Miss America 2014, will also be our keynote speaker for Saturday’s banquet event.

Registration ends January 20th, so don’t delay! Sigma Chapter is excited to see you all. For more information such as itinerary, registration, payment, and lodging, please visit: http://kplsigma.wix.com/kplconvention2015

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Congrats to the New Board 2014 – 2015

President – Cynthia Chan *Tribute
Vice President – Holly Choi *Leone
Secretary – Victoria Thai *ShimmerStar
Treasurer – Meng Cao *Grandeur
Warden – Lin Haldeman *Maretti
Program Advisor Region 1: Upstate/ Northeast – Nina Yang *Paprika
Program Advisor Region 2: Tristate – Shelly Louie *Booyah!
Program Advisor Region 3: Midatlantic/South – DiemTrang Le *Regenesis 
Program Advisor Region 4: Midwest – Krizzia Yanga *BAMF
Regional Consultant 1: Upstate/Northeast – Jenieve Guevarra *Joyride
Regional Consultant 2: Tristate – Belinda Chiu *G6
Regional Consultant 3: Midatlantic/South – Kimberly Truong *Passionate
Regional Consultant 4: Midwest – Moral Masuoka *Silvermist
Cultural Chair – Corinne Fukayama *Dulcina
Expansion Chair – Jocelyn Lo *Critical
Historian – Katherine Ng *Rumor
Public Relations Chair – Amy Lu *Rikku
Service Chair – Emily Shan *Riptide

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Awards & Recognitions for 2013 – 2014

The newest chapter of Kappa Phi Lambda – Alpha Beta Chapter at George Washington University!
Newest Chapter | Alpha Beta Chapter - George Washington University

School of the Year – Zeta Chapter at St. John’s University
Chapter of the Year | Zeta Chapter - St John's University

Chapter of the Year – Delta Chapter at Stony Brook University
School of the Year | Delta Chapter - Stony Brook University

Colony of the Year – North Carolina State University Colony
Colony of the Year | North Carolina State University Colony

Region 1 – School of the Year – Albany University
Upsilon Chapter | Albany University

Region 2 – School of the Year – St. John’s University

Region 3 – School of the Year – Alpha Alpha Chapter at George Mason University
Alpha Alpha Chapter | George Mason University

Region 4 – School of the Year – Omicron Chapter at The Ohio State University
Alpha Alpha Chapter | George Mason University

Orchid Cultural Award – Sigma Chapter at the University of Connecticut
Orchid Award 2014 | Sigma Chapter - University of Connecticut

Most Philanthropic Award – Delta Chapter at Stony Brook University
Philanthropic | Delta Chapter at Stony Brook University

Most Community Service Award – Upsilon Chapter at Albany University
Community Service | Upsilon Chapter - Albany University

Diamond Scholarship Winners:
1st – Joie Ha

Diamond Scholarship Winner $1 | Joie Ha

2nd – Lena Tran
3rd – Haruka Konishi

Total Philanthropy Raised


Thanks to all the sisters that came!

KPL August Conference 2014

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Video Recap – Best Version of Yourself

Can’t see above? Click here –> http://youtu.be/ML_NHD-qDF4

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